We provide disconnected businesses with a brand system that connects and helps them thrive in this competitive world

For Small To Medium Businesses probably the biggest challenge in today's crowded marketplace is, Increased Competition, and the struggle to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

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The disconnection between the brand and the customers leads to decline in brand credibility, customer loyalty and ultimately drop in sales, which leads to frustration, anxiety and fear



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We treat every project like our own and develop it from scratch

We develop systems that produce results and takes pain away from you.

A journey from failed experiments to a successful system

Bad Branding is a stressful nightmare that you have to deal with everyday, on the other hand when you have a good branding, you can sit back and relax because your brand system works for you

What a Bad Branding look like?


Bad branding can actually achieve exactly opposite of what a branding suppose to do. It can put people off, or it can even reduce the trust, credibility and acceptability. No branding is even worse, it makes the business irrelevant.

When you don’t have branding or your branding is done badly, you loose money everyday because of customer to brand Disconnection

You start to lag behind the competition, the more time you waste in deciding, the worse it gets.

The business starts to get staggered and acquiring new customers becomes a tough task.

Without proper branding your ROI on marketing starts to get in negative.

Lifetime value of customers decreases because when a customer doesn’t find connection with the brand he/she starts to look at other brands.

What a Good Branding look like?


A good branding is a system that let’s you breath easy by taking the stress of implementing every little thing related to your brand with every touch point. It gives you a streamlined & malleable system and guidelines to create consistent user experience across all touch points.

A well defined and executed system saves you time and stress, it gives you freedom to enjoy your time doing things you love.

Designing, defining and executing your marketing campaign becomes so much easy, as you just have to follow the guidelines to create a consistent and effective experience for you target market.

You start to enjoy better brand credibility and customer loyalty.

You tend to retain more customers and lifetime values of a customer is boosted many a time over.


Stories of people inspired by Aryaink to change their business through design & coding.

I received hundreds of artist submissions for my SlickforceGirl logo design, and Vik’s work immediately grabbed my attention.

He is one of the few designers that understands how to combine simplicity, emotion, and brand incorporation into a single piece of line art.

He is also incredibly fast and is very accommodating when it comes to updates and revisions.

It was an easy decision for me to select him as my logo artist, and I plan on doing many more designs with him in the future. Vik is the best!


Nick Saglimbeni

Vik was committed throughout the whole process and allowed us to make multiple changes, exchange ideas and provide constructive feedback. We never felt like we were pressured to use a certain logo design.

As soon as the final draft was decided on, we knew it was the logo for us.

He communicated well and was able to work with us when giving him guidelines. When our own suggestions were lacking a designer’s eye, he helped us see what we could abandon and change.

His dedication and professionalism made deciding which graphic artist to go with much easier.


Ruben Hidalgo

We were very unsure about what we wanted when we first contacted Vik about our new brand launch.

Lot of mist surrounding how should we approach our Branding and Marketing was lifted in the consultation session. Afterwords in the Strategy Workshop Vik laid out a perfect plan which I can not appreciate enough.

The brand design process was a breeze, it never felt we were working, the whole process was so inclusive that it felt like we were discussing our brand design with a friend.

We are very satisfied with the results and can never recommend him enough.


Mohit Suri

Pierre De Lune

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The Alive Process

The branding process involves consultation to find the scope of the project, than the workshop is done with the client to find out problems and opportunities before diving in the process of designing. Once the designing is complete you will be provided with guidelines to implement your newly formed brand system




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