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About Us

Who we are

Established in 2013, Aryaink is a small IT based Company with deep roots in IT thinking and design creation.

We have an ecosystem of best-in-class intellectual property and partner solutions.

Our pragmatic approach helps you develop sustainable bussiness framework by combining innovation, expertise and an echo-system of open source technology solutions.



Changing world with Automation and Artificial Intelligence

We seek to innovate in a way that minimizes the gap between our offerings and client needs, until both are at zero distance from one another. For us, innovation is a quest for a client problem that is as yet unarticulated, or finding that surprisingly innovative way to execute a solution to a known problem.



Tell us about your business and what you need designed

We seek to innovate in a way that minimizes the gap between our offerings and client needs, until both are at zero distance from one another.



Streamline communication,Enforce accountability, Minimize costs and manual errors, Keep a tab on your business processes, Establish a clear approval hierarchy

We seek to innovate in a way that minimizes the gap between our offerings and client needs

Across Industries

We offer a wide range of customer service tools for Businesses of all Sizes and Types – at any stage.

   Financial Markets

Our solutions, technology and consulting for financial markets institutions can help you to re-engineer for profitable growth, optimize the trade life cycle, and optimize enterprise risk management.

   Service Industry

Leverage proven solutions to build life-long relationships with consumers, tighten collaboration with channel partners, improve supply chain efficiency, and optimize business agility and performance.


Retail consulting that gives your customers more than they are expecting. Join top retailers in employing solutions to both hear your customers and deliver a fresh brand experience.


Optimize the healthcare value chain

Optimize your business operations to meet changing industry demands and create a more scalable and efficient system to support cost containment and quality initiatives.


How can your insurance company accelerate performance for profitable growth? Explore our insurance solutions, that can help you make smart investments focusing on informed interactions, streamlined operations and enterprise resilience.


By leveraging new business models and innovative capabilities, you can create a robust and efficient public infrastructure, ensure safety and security, support the needs of individuals, facilitate sustainable economic growth, and build stronger communities.

   Travel and Transportation

Leverage proven solutions to increase revenue and manage capacity while improving the end-to-end customer experience. Maximize the availability of assets and infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.


Leverage data expertise, deep analytics capabilities, and open standards to create new models for personalized education that improve student outcomes and align graduates to successful careers while ensuring your institution's infrastructure is optimized for sustainability.

Smart Business

Everything in your business should be done the same way, every time


Let repetitive tasks glide on their own without the extra push

Artificial Intelligence

The most profound impacts on organizational decision making.


Innovate with the cloud built for business


Prevent, detect and respond to enterprise threats


Create customer relationships that last

Mobile First

Develop and deploy trusted mobile experiences

IT Infrastructure

Build the foundation for cognitive business